Restoring Nature Winner 2021 New Zealand Sustainable Awards Restoring Nature Winner 2020 New Zealand Sustainable Awards Supreme Winner 2020 New Zealand Sustainable Awards 4x Gold Wins (2020 London Honey Quality Taste Awards) Voted No.1 Luxury Honey Brand in the World (2020 Luxury Lifestyle Awards)

The transformative
power of biodiversity

At Tahi, we are inspired by purpose.

For nearly two decades, we have strategically restored ecosystems to nurture biodiversity and maximize carbon absorption to promote nature-based solutions. Through our circular business model and eco-luxe brands, 100% of profits are reinvested into our restoration and community projects in Northland, New Zealand.

Our 100-year vision ensures we continuously expand positive impact on the health of the planet and wellbeing of people.

Restoring ecosystems

We are pioneering regenerative approaches to long-term ecosystem health and the return of biodiversity. Our landscape-scale habitat restoration has been amongst the most successful in New Zealand.

With 8.4 million trees planted and regenerated, standing forests protected, 20 wetlands and lakes restored and invasive species controlled, the change has been dramatic and transformational.

This is not a straightforward process. Our science-based approach is designed to accelerate the restoration of rich, biodiverse ecosystems. Birds are one of the most important indicators of a whole ecosystem’s health. They play an outsized role as seed distributor, a pivotal ecosystem function. In New Zealand, due to the absence of native land animals, this impact is even more pronounced than elsewhere. In 2004, we had 14 bird species. Now, we have 71, 25 of which are rare or endangered. To put that in perspective, this is more than are found in many of Aotearoa, New Zealand’s national parks.

Circularity model

Our business powers our mission. TAHI’s quality, eco-luxe products are sold all over the world to fund our regeneration and community projects here in Aotearoa, New Zealand. 

From our premium mānuka honey to our performance-led skincare range, our purpose-driven brands have conservation and the protection of biodiversity at their core.

Carbon negative

We don’t stop at net zero – at TAHI, we go beyond. Through our strategic ecosystem restoration, we actively sequester and store carbon from the atmosphere, absorbing more carbon than we emit. Our ecosystems are more than just carbon sinks. They are a form of sustained climate action, allowing biodiversity and people to thrive.

Champions of change

TAHI has been pioneering commercially-minded conservation for nearly 20 years. Our widely-awarded practices won the top accolade in the 2020 New Zealand Sustainable Business Network’s Supreme Award, alongside the Restoring Nature Award. In 2021 we won the Restoring Nature Award again, this time for our ground-breaking methodology used to quantify the overall biodiversity in an ecosystem and its capacity to absorb and store carbon.

We actively share our experiences and learnings, advocating with leaders in government, commerce, carbon and conservation to make biodiversity a priority on the global climate agenda.