Our Pillars

We at Tahi promise to remain the guardians (kaitiaki) of our land, and to do everything in our power to protect, educate and enhance our place, our people and our planet. We do this through our four pillars of:


To be respectful, trustful and honest in every decision we make, and every interaction with our customers and guests.


To harness our knowledge and expertise for the greater good.


To show humility through humanity.


To drive sustainable wellbeing for the benefit of all.

Our 4C’S: Guiding Us Every Day

Through the Long Run philosophy, members strive to achieve the highest standards in sustainability by balancing conservation, community, culture and commerce. These 4C’s guide everything we do at Tahi, from species conservation to renewable energy, recycling water to community outreach, creating jobs to preserving local culture.


At one with nature: We believe in taking care of our environment, to make it better tomorrow than it is today, by protecting local wildlife as well as restoring the area’s spectacular forest, dune and wetland habitats.


Community matters: Tahi is all about community and partnerships. We work with local landowners, support local businesses, create local jobs and preserve local culture too.


Doing it together: Our diversity is our strength. As well as looking after Tahi’s natural treasures, we’re working with local Iwi (Māori) and community to preserve and regenerate the cultural history of Pataua, our local village.


Making a difference: By supporting Tahi, you’re making a positive difference because a self-sufficient income fuels the work we do for our environment and community.

We are in this for The Long Run

Tahi is a founding member (and also sits on the board) of The Long Run, an international community of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving holistic sustainability.

Collectively, we conserve over 23 million acres of biodiversity and improve the lives of 750,000 people. 

Tahi is proud to be only one of ten organisations in the world to achieve The Long Run’s rigorous Global Ecosphere Retreat (GER) standard, for going above sustainable and responsible.

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At one with nature.