We’re wild
about the birds
(and the bees)

Birds are the top creatures in New Zealand’s native ecosystems, so their return is an excellent sign of a healthy, thriving ecosystem. We’re thrilled that, from just 14 bird species when we began restoration of our wetlands in 2006, Tahi now plays host to 70 species, including New Zealand’s native Kiwi. 

Several of New Zealand’s rarest birds have returned; these include the bittern (Botaurus poiciloptilus), pateke or brown teal (Anas chlorotis) New Zealand’s rarest duck) and the grey duck (Anas superciliosa), as well as many other rare and common species. Fernbirds (Bowdleria punctata) and many other species have increased and spread across many habitats within the Tahi area. 

Wander along our walkways (as hundreds of people do every year), and you’ll hear the songs of native kingfishers, tui, silvereyes, kakas and fantails… and more birds are arriving all the time. Not only that, numerous species of fish have returned to our waterways too.