the invaders

The only native land mammals in New Zealand are two small species of bat. Before the arrival of people, New Zealand was a land of birds, large insects and lizards. But with human occupation came a host of mammalian pests including stoats, weasels, rats, cats, possums, pigs, goats and rabbits which decimated the native flora and fauna.

Work to humanely control these pests at Tahi so that the native wildlife can recover is an ongoing mission that extends to neighbouring properties to reduce the risk of re-invasion. We’re thrilled to see our efforts being rewarded by the return of so many birds!

As well as pest animals, a range of invasive plant species threaten our local ecosystems. We control the worst of these – pampas grass, moth plant and apple of Sodom (kapok tree/rubber plant) – together with a wide variety of agricultural weeds such as ragwort.