For centuries, Tahi has been home to Maori and, from the 19th century, European settlers. The land is full of archaeological gems from both Maori and early European occupation for you to discover.

Originally Ohuatahi, the name given to this land by Maori, this site was centred on an important pa – a Maori fortified village. The remains of the site – the living areas, cooking and waste pits of the Te Waiariki, the earliest inhabitants – can still be seen. You may even discover pieces of eggshell from the moa, a huge flightless bird that once inhabited the area and formed a staple food source for Maori.

With a deep belief in the spiritual sanctity of the land and the inseparable connections between all things, Maori tribes wove legends around the land, forests and sea. These legends, handed down the generations, tell stories of how the landscape came to be.

Through the transformation that is taking place, the vital spirit of the land is returning, heralded by the flocks of birds reappearing, the forests regenerating and Tahi becoming a thriving community once again.

“One of New Zealand’s best kept secrets. A wonderful, relaxing and informative stay. Thank you for creating this amazing eco-retreat and for preserving this land.”


Soak up the atmosphere of this landscape by biking, hiking up hills, taking in the sweeping views or exploring the remains of the fortified Maori village.

Walk in the peace of your own company or let one of our experts guide you, recounting the myths and legends that surround Tahi. Wander through the native forests with kingfishers, silvereyes, kakas or fantails darting above you.

Tahi’s rolling landscape can also be explored on horseback – we have horses to suit all levels of experience. You can ride for miles along the beach, across parkland and beyond Tahi to a vast network of trails. Those wishing to improve their equestrian skills can take advantage of our Olympic-sized arena and expert tuition.

“One of New Zealand’s best kept secrets. A wonderful, relaxing and informative stay. Thank you for creating this amazing eco-retreat and for preserving this land.”


Our Pacific Ocean surf beach attracts visitors from all over the world. Beginners can take their first lessons while the more experienced can hone their skills with our expert instructors.

And there’s plenty of aquatic fun to be had for those not wishing to surf – choose from boogie boarding, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkelling or kayaking.

Others may choose the more tranquil options of fishing, relaxing walks on the beach or discovering Tahi’s many lakes that are brimming with waterfowl and newly returned native fish.


What can beat waking to the sound and smell of the ocean? Barefoot walks on the beach, breathing in the pristine, salty air, can be just the tonic for those escaping the harried pace of modern life.

The serenity and sensory pleasure of Tahi’s cool temperate forests, formed by ancient kauri trees, palms, Manuka and a host of other native trees, allow you to reconnect with nature and restore your natural balance.

Keen birdwatchers can take advantage of guided walks with our resident ornithology experts, catering for everyone from the novice to the most serious birdwatcher. More than 280,000 indigenous trees have been planted, providing a home for almost 70 bird species, many of them rare or endangered. Birdsong now fills the land where not so long ago there was silence. You can keep a quiet look out for our feathered residents from our purpose-built observation huts.


At Tahi, we produce our own honey, unique to New Zealand, using natural, sustainable methods.

If you have a special interest in bees or apiculture, come and see what makes our honey so special, with a private tour of the honey-processing shed. For a closer look, don a beekeeping suit, see inside a hive and watch nature’s workers in action!


Tahi provides an ideal base from which to explore some of the North Island’s diverse landscapes and rugged coastline. There’s a host of sports and activities on offer and we can help build a programme that is tailored to your preference and pace.

Explore the excellent golf courses around our region or enjoy some of the best scuba diving in New Zealand. Other activities include sailing, wine tasting, caving and discovering the country’s rich marine life.

Excursions may be arranged by car, private plane, helicopter or luxury motor launch.

  • Deep-sea diving
  • Sailing
  • Golf
  • Wine tasting
  • Caving
  • Dolphin experience