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Tahi is pleased to offer educational opportunities to schools, colleges, learning institutes and interest groups. There is no age limit as we believe life should be one long learning journey!

Below are the different areas available, but we are happy to tailor a visit to specific requirements where possible.

Visits usually start with a 20-minute talk to explain Tahi’s philosophy and objectives including the 4Cs (Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce) that guide our decision making.

This is followed by a walk or tour of your choice, selected from the following suggestions or catered towards your lesson plan or specific interest.


Our 5 educational walking tracks offer diverse lengths, scenery and learning. Ranging from the short 30-minute Board Walk through native plantings and a restored wetland; to the more challenging 2-hour Forest Walk, there is something to suit everyone.

1. Board Walk

A 30-minute trail around our small lake while learning about the bird species found at Tahi, other wildlife, plantings and conservation. This is a flat walk with easy terrain. Guided or non-guided.

2. Estuary Walk

A 1-hour walk which takes you high above the treetops to look down on the beautiful Pataua estuary, then down into the bush to walk through the plantings and alongside the wildlife. Hills and easy terrain. Guided or non-guided.

3. Forest Walk

A 1 ½ trail into our native forest. This walk is especially magical to walk among the trees while listening to the bird calls, identifying the different native trees and fungi. Steep with uneven terrain in some places. Guided or non-guided.

4. Dune Walk

Learn about our Pimelia restoration planting programme with this 1-hour tour of our beachfront sand dunes. Learn about sand movement, the skink programme, cultural history of the area, species and pest control. Guided only.

5. Cultural Walk

This 2 ½ hour trail through our native forest and up to the historical pa site at the top of Ohuatahi is not for the fainthearted! See native species that only live high up in dense forest, learn about the history of Pataua and the cultural significance of this land. Steep terrain. Guided only.



1. Bee Hives

This half-hour tour gives your group the opportunity to meet one of Tahi’s beekeepers, put on a bee suit and have a close look in a beehive. Find out all about these fascinating creatures and how honey is made. Not suitable for anyone with a bee allergy!

2. Honey House

A half hour guided tour of our honey extraction and bottling facilities. This tour will show you the process from extraction to the bottling of our award-winning honey. Guided only.

3. Wetlands

Choose from one of our 3 main wetland areas and learn about the many different bird species, other forms of wildlife and marine species that live there.  Guided only.

4. Bird Watching

View many of the 70 bird species currently found at Tahi from one of our vantage points around the property. Guided or non-guided.

5. Planting 

For small groups of up to 8 people, we can take you by vehicle from one end of the property to the other to explain how the land has been transformed with native plantings over the last 14 years. Guided only.

6. Environmental Facilities

A short tour of our recycling centre, worm farm, compost station, insect hotel and plant nursery. Guided only.

7. Bio-Security

A talk about the different threats to our beautiful native environment. Includes Myrtyl Rust, Argentine Ants, feral pigs and other pests, Kauri Die Back.



If you are interested in bringing a group out to Tahi, please ring Tahi Services Manager Lesley Vincent on +64 (09) 436 0082 or email events@tahinz.com for a chat so that we can tailor a visit to your requirements and ensure you have a great day at Tahi.


Groups of all sizes and ages are welcome to come for a half day or a full day between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday. Dates are subject to other activities already taking place on the property and to staff availability. We have toilets at various locations around the property, and two covered areas suitable for any morning tea or packed lunch that you may wish to bring.


There is no formal charge for visiting Tahi but a Koha would be appreciated.

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