Barefoot Luxury

Welcome to TAHI.

On an Island in the South Pacific - a land known as Aotearoa (New Zealand) - you will find Tahi. A secluded ecological retreat of over 740 acres, encompassing surf beach to native forest. In an environment dedicated to conservation and the restoration of ecosystems, Tahi offers you a luxury experience; providing an unparalleled opportunity to explore some of the many wonders that Aotearoa has to offer.

Situated in the North Island of New Zealand, on a beach where the tallest bird in the world once roamed freely, in a land of myths and legends, Tahi has its own story to tell. A story of birds returning, forests rejuvenating and wetlands reappearing. Where past, present and future are treasured - where time is spent as you choose within surroundings committed to making our carbon footprint lighter whilst not compromising on your comfort.

As a Global Ecosphere Retreats® certified Long Run Destination, Tahi strives for the highest standards in sustainability through the balance of community development, cultural stewardship and biodiversity conservation. The Long Run is the flagship programme of the Zeitz Foundation initiative.